Field testing the X100F.

I wanted to test the new X100F "in the field" so I did. I put on my walking shoes and stepped into the beauty of nature.

No fancy tech talk or artistic masterpieces here, but just some memories of a very nice day in March. It's not always about figures and numbers, we have to remember that photography can give us pleasure and nice images to remember and to enjoy for a long time. So this is a set of memories I shot during my walk today.

Most of them SOOC. On some photo's I just used the highlight and shadow slider in LR to adjust some peaking. The contrasts were quite high while shooting directly into the sun. But the magnificent X-Trans™* CMOS III & X Processor Pro in combination with the latest LR version both really delivered excellent results!

Using the X100F is a true delight! Very light, compact and with stunning image quality which makes it my ideal travel companion. Just like the previous X100 - S and T. It only got better with every new version.

I love using Velvia when I'm photographing landscapes. Shot on RAW and I did the JPEG conversion + adding the Velvia Film simulation in LR. A matter of minutes to finish the photo's and to put them on my blog.

It doesn't always need to be heavy and technical.

Always remember to have fun while photographing.